Moulded fibre

Moulded fibre,
an efficient and ecological packaging solution

Historically reserved for egg boxes, moulded fibre is now used in many other applications (protection for the industrial, food, wine, medical sectors, etc.). Composed exclusively of recycled materials, this innovating product is often preferred to other packaging solutions such as plastic and polystyrene, due to its mechanical characteristics and low impact on the environment.


Advantages of moulded fibre


Exceptional technical characteristics

- Maximum protection

Moulded fibre absorbs and dampens shocks and vibrations, thereby guaranteeing excellent protection of the product it covers during handling, transport and storage. This explains why it is now widely used in the poultry sector.

Moulded cellulose is also insensitive to temperature changes.

- Breathing qualities

Due to its composition and thanks to the millions of micropores in the material, moulded cellulose guarantees perfect aeration and conditioning of your food products, as well as completely waterproof products for medical applications. This characteristic guarantees, for example, optimum protection of fruit by absorbing the moisture given off in case of sudden temperature variation.

- Flexibility and ergonomy

Well-known for its flexibility, moulded fibre adapts easily to all types of mould (see CDL customised solutions). Pleasant to touch and easy to handle without noise, it is highly appreciated by users.

Ecological material

In addition to meeting numerous industrial requirements, moulded fibre is a 100 % sustainable product, in line with the growing environmental consumer awareness.

Obtained from recycled renewable materials such as paper and cardboard, this packaging solution participates in the preservation of forest resources and helps save fossil fuels, with a controlled production process which significantly limits its CO2 impact.

Fully biodegradable and recyclable, moulded fibre is also easy to dispose of, with no additional waste treatment costs.

Economic solution

In addition to their technical and environmental advantages, moulded fibre packaging solutions lead to cost reductions in various areas.

- Reduction in packaging eco-tax

Moulded cellulose is preferred by numerous European countries, with a packaging tax up to 10 times lower than for plastic packages.

- Optimisation of transport and storage spaces

Moulded fibre packages are easier to stack than other materials. This means that more products can be stored in a given space and that fewer delivery trucks are required (up to 4 times less than for polystyrene PSE).

Customisable material, highly regarded by consumers

- Customised packaging

Moulded fibre materials can be manufactured in numerous shapes and colours to meet market requirements, with the possibility of communicating directly on the product.

Proposed by Celluloses de la Loire, this customisation means that the products are immediately visible on the shelves and are highly attractive for our end customers.

- Appreciated material

European studies have demonstrated that users associate moulded cellulose with a notion of quality: 9 people out of 10 declared that if given a choice, they would select cellulose rather than a synthetic material. The development of moulded fibre packaging is therefore in line with a responsible global approach by consumers who tend increasingly to give priority to natural materials.