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CDL moulded fibre packaging – Fruit and vegetables range

Widely used in the poultry sector, moulded fibre packaging is also ideal for other applications.  Celluloses De la Loire (Brittany, department 56) therefore offers a wide range of packaging solutions dedicated to the fruit and vegetables sector.


Moulded fibre, natural and efficient protection

CDL guarantees high-quality moulded cellulose which enhances the conservation and freshness of your products. The natural properties of this strong material protect the foods from shocks and vibrations, while allowing them to breathe. In addition, its high absorption capacity decreases the humidity produced by transpiration of products such as fruit.


BRC certification, to ensure food safety

BRC certifies CDL's ability to control food safety hazards, to guarantee the reliability of its products, in compliance with the applicable regulations governing the manufacture of packaging in contact with food.


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Advantages of the CDL Fruit and Vegetables range

Immediate savings

Optimisation of space in containers leading to significant reduction in transport costs (17 % for apples)

Optimum protection

High shock resistance, no contact between the products, no squashing

Maximum conservation

Ambient humidity absorbed by the moulded fibre to minimise damage to the fruit and allow the products to breathe.

Simplified packaging

In both manual and automatic modes.

Appealing display

Products attractively presented, long-lasting freshness guaranteed

100 % compliance with standards

Compliance with applicable regulations, safe contact with the food.