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CDL moulded fibre packaging – Medical range

CDL (Celluloses De la Loire) also harnesses the endless potentials of moulded fibre to develop solutions that meet all the requirements of the medical sector.


Products optimised for comfort and hygiene

Bed or chair pans, multi-purpose bowls, urinals, etc. The medical range of Celluloses de la Loire includes numerous solutions to meet the specific requirements of clinics and hospitals, old people's homes, care centres, general practitioners, etc.

These innovating designs rely on the characteristics of moulded fibre to propose disposable systems that are both strong and waterproof for up to 4 hours, thereby improving hygiene and comfort for both patients and carers.


Certified products for guaranteed hygiene

All products in the medical range have been tested according to standard PAS29 :1999. This standard aims to control water retention and maceration in medical environment, key factors in the fight against  hospital-acquired infections.


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  1. The single-use product is presented to the patient

  2. Patient uses pulp product

  3. After use by the patient, the product in biodegradable fibre and its content are disposed of in macerator & or thrown to the trash can then released into the sewerage system



  1. Potentially contaminated product is re introduced to a patient

  2. The patient uses the plastic or metal product

  3. The contents are emptied. The product is contaminated.

  4. Product is hand washed.

  5. The product is then cleaned by a disinfecting washer: use of energy, water and chemicals.

  6. The product is stocked for a future use. It’s potentially contaminated because no bedpan washed destroys 100 % of micro-organisms.



Advantages of the medical range


Immediate savings

Attractive unit costs, no more washing costs

Optimised safety

Disposal system to reduce the risks of infection due to cross-contamination

Guaranteed hygiene

No washing or rinsing after use, total destruction in macerator or disposal as waste.

Simplified use

Independence and comfort for the patient, easy handling for the personnel


Highly reliable, strong and waterproof products.

Environmentally friendly

Biodegradable products, improved carbon balance, compliance with standard PAS29:1999.