Poultry range

Moulded fibre solutions for storage, transport and display of eggs

European specialist in moulded fibre for 40 years, CDL (Celluloses de la Loire) has developed high-performance honeycomb packaging solutions which combine strength, optimum protection and ergonomy, to meet the needs of the modern poultry industry as well as your own requirements (storage, transport and display of eggs).


To transport your eggs Moulded cellulose packaging offers maximum protection of the eggs during transport, by absorbing shocks and vibrations.
CDL Trays
  • 9 different models
  • Widest range on the market
  • Capacity: 20 or 30 eggs

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CDL Lids
  • Choice of 3 models
  • Can be used on 7 different trays

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Use the trays
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To display your products
on your sales outlets
CDL moulded fibre packaging enhances your products due to attractive shapes, choice of colours and labels customisable with your company image.
CDL Family packs
  • Sales packaging (Family Pack on Family Pack or Plastic lid on Family Pack)
  • Wide range of 12 models
  • Capacity from 6 to 30 eggs

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CDL Egg cartons
  • Sales packaging and communication area
  • Customisable product (label)
  • Choice of 4 models
  • Capacity: 6 or 10 eggs

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Family pack
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Family pack with another
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Egg cartons

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Moulded fibre,
a solution fully adapted to the poultry sector

Moulded cellulose is a natural protection solution whose technical characteristics perfectly match the requirements of the poultry sector :

  • Moulded fibre allows the product to breathe, thanks to the pores in the honeycomb material
  • Moulded fibre is healthy and absorbent : it protects against the moisture produced by transpiration of the eggs during temperature changes
  • Moulded fibre is strong and offers optimum protection for the eggs, even in case of knocks or high pressure.
ZOOM Apart from its practical features, moulded fibre is an attractive material which enhances the product and appeals to consumers who naturally associate it with a notion of quality.

Advantages of the CDL poultry range

Food quality and safety

With a perfectly controlled production process, proprietary technology, a factory and products certified according to the standards and the regulations of the European Union (BRC IOP, ISO 9001, certificate of compliance for the direct contact with food).

Immediate gain

Thanks to the highly optimised packaging solutions offered by Celluloses de la Loire, products retain all their marketing appeal.

Fully adaptable

CDL packaging solutions are suitable for automated machines to guarantee your performance and productivity.

Optimum protection

Compared with other materials, the shock and vibration absorption qualities of moulded fibre guarantee that CDL products provide unequalled egg protection.

Sophisticated design

CDL offers its customers numerous customisation options (shapes, colours, labels)

Controlled logistics

CDL guarantees its customers speed and reactivity, to serve them within the shortest delays.