Moulded cellulose,
an environmentally-friendly material

Moulded fibre packaging consists mainly of recycled paper. CO² neutral and biodegradable, this alternative solution saves raw materials, reduces atmospheric pollution and solves the problem of waste treatment.

Participate in preservation of the environment

The natural resources (water, oil, etc.) used to produce most types of packaging are limited. It is therefore essential to limit their depletion by adopting environmentally-friendly alternative solutions.

Celluloses de la Loire is committed to developing a responsible manufacturing process, with a solution combining both performance and ecology, in compliance with applicable environmental standards. In addition to the biological characteristics inherent to the actual nature of moulded fibre, CDL acts as a true recycler of paper and cardboard, with a perfectly controlled process and a limited CO² impact, from recovery to delivery, as well as in every production step. Every year, CDL (Celluloses de la Loire) processes 53 000 tons of recycled paper and cardboard.

Cellulose is a fully recyclable and biodegradable material, with an infinitely renewable life cycle, which solves the problem of waste treatment.

Integrate sustainable development in your marketing strategy

The environmental impact of a product, and especially its packaging, is now a determining argument taken into account by consumers in the decision to buy. Choosing moulded fibre means adopting a sustainable development approach as well as meeting the expectations of your customers, in line with global market awareness.